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"With her signature insight into the human heart, Klassen draws readers into the deceptively quiet English countryside of Austen's day, a world of complicated yet joyful, messy yet faithful, lives of regular people who choose to truly live despite their difficult circumstances. Readers will rejoice that this is only the beginning of her new Tales from Ivy Hill series."Publishers Weekly

"Three-time Christy Award winner Klassen launches a heartwarming new series set in the Regency era that delivers everything fans of gentle historical-romance novels could ever want, including a beautifully realized English village setting, a memorable cast of characters, and charming hints of love for more than one of the residents of Ivy Hill."—Booklist

"Christy Award–winning Klassen (Lady Maybe, 2015) draws on Jane Austen’s impeccably crafted novels in her latest richly nuanced and superbly written inspirational Regency romance."
—John Charles, Booklist, starred review of The Painter's Daughter

"In this gorgeous story of love and redemption, Klassen (Lady Maybe) spins a tale of secrets and deception, coupled with unexpected plot twists and a swoon-worthy ending; giving readers more evidence as to why she’s a fan favorite. Readers of inspirational Regency romances will clamor for this title."
Library Journal starred review of The Painter's Daughter

“Klassen has combined all kinds of reader-favorite elements in this mystery romance, including a grand estate, inscrutable villagers, a family tragedy and the first sweet buds of a love story....The Secret of Pembrooke Park is a gem for Regency and inspirational readers alike."

and a Top Pick!


"Regency romance with secrets, hidden rooms, charmers and rogues, and of course, romance. Julie Klassen has hit this one out of the ballpark!”
--Romantic Times Book Reviews about The Secret of Pembrooke Park

"Multiple Christy Award-winning Klassen once again demonstrates her gift for creating richly layered characters and skillfully integrating a multitude of fascinating historical facts into a spirited story that will have wide appeal to both inspirational fans as well as readers who enjoy sweet historical romances."
--John Charles, Booklist, about The Dancing Master

"Regency fans will thank Klassen once again for this lovely addition to the genre. The award-winning author offers adept plotting adorned with the historical details and landscapes that will satisfy and add to the Regency fan base. Emma Smallwood, daughter of tutor John Smallwood, finds a place for her dispirited father at Ebbington Manor, home to two former students. Their arrival, however, is less than auspicious. The Weston brothers—former students Henry and Phillip and current students Rowan and Julian—are embroiled in family drama along with their father and his second wife, the younger boys' mother, Lady Weston, and her ward Lizzie Henshaw. Emma discovers that secrets abound at Ebbington Manor, including mysterious music, nighttime visits, and outright threats. What are the Westons hiding? Might Emma be attracted to a Weston brother? Regency/Klassen fans will love the mystery, romance, and drama."
--Publishers Weekly about The Tutor's Daughter

"This is my idea of what Jane Eyre would've been like if penned by Jane Austen - The Tutor's Daughter is a must read for anyone looking for a new classic in a similar vein. So whether you're a fan of Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, or both, you will soon become a fan of Julie Klassen once you read this wonderful book."
--Margay, Good Reads

"I loved how Julie took me away across the pond to life in Cornwall. I also loved the mystery in this story. At first I thought I knew who played the tricks, but later I would begin to doubt and in the end I found out I was completely wrong! The characters are well developed and easily to sympathize with. The tenderness and romance are sweet . . . overall a marvelous story! Well done, Julie!"
--Marian Baay, reviewer from The Netherlands, about The Tutor's Daughter

"A clever book that incorporates what readers love of Jane Austen, Downtown Abbey and even a bit of Jane Eyre. The novel offers everything a historical romance reader looks for."
--Historical Novels Review, about The Maid of Fairbourne Hall

“Klassen has written an amazing historical novel. Her style may remind readers of Jane Austen and Lawana Blackwell, and she handles a 19th-century taboo with grace, style and respect.”
--Romantic Times

"This is truly one of the most emotionally gripping novels I've ever read and it is sure to make my best of 2008 list. My heart pounded with anticipation so many times I lost count. There were so many powerful subplots that my head is still swimming with amazement, and my heart is still gripped by this strangely sad, yet hopeful and deeply romantic tale of love and loss, of sacrifice and reward. Bottom line...This story is so full of passion that it will make your heart sing."
--Michelle Sutton, edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com

"This was an excellent first novel and one of the best historical novels I've read this year. I am looking forward to Julie Klassen's next book. HIGHLY recommended."
--Deborah Khuanghlawn, books-movies-chinesefood.blogspot.com

“A strong and entertaining story that you’ll finish with a sigh. Read it and tell your friends to buy it too.
--Lauraine Snelling, Bestselling Author

“Ms. Klassen has penned an exquisite first novel that echoes the era of Jane Austen in both setting and style…. This novel engaged me from the first page, and I can highly recommend Lady of Milkweed Manor to anyone who delights in Regency romance.
--Tamela McCann, Historical Novels Review

"..not only a beautiful tale but a fascinating study of women's roles in a time not so terribly distant. I'd say bravo on a fine debut and here's hoping for another finely crafted historical from Klassen soon."
--Violet Nesdoly, Blogcritics.org

"The characters are strong – the writing excellent – and the love that blooms for Charlotte, in many ways and with many characters, will leave you immensely and blissfully happy that good things actually do come to good people after their dues have been paid."
--Amy Lignor, OnceUponaRomance.com

"It’s a rare book that forces me to press the pause button on my life and simply devour the story—this is one such book. Well-written, emotionally charged, unexpected plot twists, and an amazing balance of foreshadowing with backstory all lend to a remarkable debut novel by author Julie Klassen. The tension builds throughout and keeps the reader guessing until the last page.
Klassen has captured the best of Austen and Brontë. There are complex relationships and plenty of snooty nobility. The ambiance is generally foreboding and ominous which sets quite a gothic stage. This mixture combines into a haunting quality, leaving the characters on the mind of the reader days after the story has been finished…."
--Michelle Griep, novelreviews.blogspot.com

"The SILENT GOVERNESS left me speechless. My measure of a good book is in the length of time I can set it down and forget about it—the longer I can go without picking it back up, the less impact it has on me. This was one story I wasn't able to put down at all from beginning to end.

Full of intrigue and romance, THE SILENT GOVERNESS is steeped in gothic atmosphere and fascinating research. As always, it is clear that Ms. Klassen has done her homework, bringing the life of a nineteenth-century governess into focus with rich details and interesting facts.

Ms. Klassen's writing is lyrical and beautiful. It's the kind of voice that sweeps you away and transports you to another time and place. I couldn't help but be completely engrossed in Olivia's world and often found myself biting my nails, wondering what would happen next. Each dark and mysterious plot thread is woven to perfection, and when all is revealed this compelling tale leaves readers with a greater appreciation for both our earthly and Heavenly father.

I have been a fan of Ms. Klassen's since reading her debut book, THE LADY OF MILKWEED MANOR, and it is clear that her books just keep getting better and better. She is a must read author!"
--Cindy, ck2skwipsandkritiques.com